Why Does My Broadband Bill Keep On Increasing Every Year?

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2023)

If you ever thought that internet availability by ZIP code was an issue, wait till you get the bill at the end of the month. Increasing broadband bills are a menace and unfortunately, there’s no stopping them! For starters, the telecom industry has never regulated its pricing range. This means that ISPs are technically free to charge digital services any way they like!

Although, price regulation used to come under the authority of the FCC – but that was not always the case. While these price increases are nominal and may not happen every month. However, with a few bucks stacked up on your bill, every now and then, it does amount to a whole lot of money that you may have to pay! Although this strategy is not applied by all American ISPs and only by a few, there’s a reason behind it. Luckily, many of these factors that lead to price hikes can instantly be controlled. Let’s see why your internet costs are increasing as the year goes by:

Track Various Bill Sections to See Where Extra Fees Have Been Added

Higher service fees may seem bothersome but don’t let these affect you. Always study your monthly internet bill in detail and keep a check on those segments, where extra charges are going to be added. For instance, you noticed an extra fee for regional sports included in your monthly cable bill or your DSL internet bill has an extra surcharge added. These are fine if you opted for these in the first place. However, if you don’t remember agreeing to them, then we suggest that you dial up the customer service of your respective ISP and find out why extra fees are stacked up in your bill. Although, many extra charges are collected to facilitate the setup or expansion of the latest broadband infrastructure, especially in rural areas of the country – these are done after informing the customer and taking their consent in question. If you see any unknown additions on your bill, ring up the support team to find out where these came from.

Additional Charges Like Equipment Or Installation Costs Also Increase Your Bill

One another possibility why your bill holds extra charges could also be due to the service equipment that you decided to opt for. Most ISPs today offer their target audiences the option of renting equipment or purchasing new internet equipment (like routers or modems). However, if you opted to purchase new equipment and still ended up getting extra charges on your bill, then you should immediately contact the provider and clear it up before moving forward. But that’s not all. One reason why your ISP bill may also be creeping up could be due to the steep installation fee, which can take you by surprise, especially if you didn’t opt for the extra service from your provider.

Don’t Choose Internet Providers With a History of Regularly Raising Their Rates

While you may be googling about fiber internet in USA to find out about the top ISPs in your area, that’s merely not enough anymore. That’s why customers today are advised to thoroughly research their selected provider before they invest in the respective ISP. You should always know what you are getting into. For instance, if Cox is available in your area and you have decided to opt for it then do know that they can randomly increase their prices without informing their customers. So if you were paying for an unlimited plan, then expect to pay a surcharge besides the monthly charges that they already had to pay.

Avoid Paying Late Fees & Other Penalties If You Can!

A solid way to ensure that you have no extra charges on your monthly bill is simply by paying your bills on time. And avoiding late payments as much as possible. For these late fees of as little as $5 or as much as $20 – just take your bill higher! However, this also depends on the ISP that you have signed up with. So, if there are any stiff penalties then it’s better to be aware of them beforehand. Another thing to keep in check is that there are many service providers, who may slap an ETF if you decide to let go of them before the said period. That’s why it is possible to avoid all such service providers, who may come with unfavorable clauses. Also, check out if the new ISP comes with a contract buyout option as well or these can come in quite handy for the customer. 

Internet Connectivity may be a Necessity But Other Options Are Available 

There was a time when ISPs were a luxury, enjoyed by a few. However, today these are more of a necessity and with the telecom industry full of options, the competition has just got bigger and better! Unfortunately, this has a downside too. Since most of the service-related prices are set by the telecom giants themselves, these may often come across as unagreeable.


Nonetheless, customers today have other viable options as well. For instance, if a customer is unable to find a budget-friendly option – they can always opt for other options that are easily accessible and pocket-friendly as well. No wonder mobile data plans or streaming services have gained massive popularity in recent times as they are not dependent on any kind of wire-based infrastructure and can be used anywhere in the country.

Wrapping It Up,

As we come to the end of this article, we hope that it helps you understand why your broadband bill seems to have additional charges or why it keeps on increasing every other year! While the reasons stated above, only skim the surface, these should give you a good idea. Once you are sure about all the areas that see an increase, it will be easier for you to manage them.

So, what are you waiting for? Just follow the advice above and see how your bill comes under control today! 

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