What To Do Rather Than Over Venting To Someone

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Letting your feelings out rather than keeping them in is helpful for daily emotional management. Venting to a trusted someone about your frustrations and challenges in your life is ok within reason. Doing it too much can cause resentment and social friction for the person you are venting to. They may start to feel that you are only talking about the same topic rather than looking for ways to cope with what’s bothering you. Remember: allow yourself time and space to vent to someone as needed, but do not over do it so as not to cause issues in the social relationship. 

When something is bothering you, playing a game can be a good distraction whether it’s a RPG online or a casino game on betFIRST a brain memory game on your smartphone. Try a game to decompress after a long day and you may find yourself feeling better without having to vent to anyone. 

Journal Your Thoughts

There are so many journals on the market with colorful designs and fun and motivational phrases or quotes. Browse the stationary aisle at your local shopping store and find a journal that stands out to you and makes you feel inspired to write. 

When you feel the need to vent, instead of texting or calling the person you usually vent to, instead pick up a pen and journal your thoughts. While you will not receive advice from someone else on how to handle the adversity occurring in your life by journaling, you will at least gain more perspective on the issue and possibly be one step closer to solving the problem yourself. 

Use A Self-Care App

Self-care apps help you to track and set daily goals that help you with taking care of yourself like maintaining a healthy diet, showering, sleeping well, completing household tasks, and more. One such app is called the Finch self-care app. 

After you complete each goal, you are able to reflect on how you felt while completing it. The written reflections kind of act like an electronic journal that tracks your day while also helping you with goal-setting and reaching your goals consistently. Plus, as you write longer reflections after each goal, you will earn more rainbow stones to dress up your finch and more energy that brings your finch back from its adventures faster. 

Take A Shower

Quiet your racing mind that really wants to vent to someone by just taking a warm shower. Physically removing dirt and grime from your body can refresh you and make you feel emotionally better about yourself. Even through the challenges, relaxing yourself by practicing self-care will be better than hyping yourself up by over venting to others. 


Breathe in through your nose deeply and exhale slowly from your mouth as you keep your eyes closed. That is how you can practice mindful meditation to get your mind off the negative emotions on your radar. Meditating for at least five minutes on a busy day can be a great reset for your mind to feel more at ease going forward for the rest of the evening. 

Drink Warm Tea Before Bed

Warm tea before bed, preferably one with the least amount of caffeine or a decaf variety so it doesn’t keep you awake, can calm your body and your thoughts so that you can get a peaceful night’s rest. Rather than venting to someone, you can peacefully drink tea while reading a book before heading off to sleep. 

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