6 Best Gifts For A Grieving Loved One

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Grief isn’t the best feeling in the world, especially when people lose someone they love when they die. Here are some of the best gifts that you can give a grieving loved one. 

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1. Home-Cooked Meal

When someone is grieving, the last thing they want to think about is cooking anything. They may be feeling so down that all they want to do is order take out or snack their way through survival because of the many strong emotions they are feeling after a loved one dies. Ask your grieving loved one a few ideas of their favorite meals. Cook up these meals and take them to their door. The grieving person you know will be so appreciative of this gesture as it will bring them comfort in this trying time and be one less thing they have to worry about as they get through everything that comes with saying their final goodbyes to the deceased. 

2. Photo Album

Make a photo album or scrapbook containing pictures of your grieving loved one and the decedent. It’s easy to go to a store with photo printing services like CVS or Walgreens to get the photos printed to the right size to place them into the photo album. When your loved one feels that they need it, they can flip through this photo album and reminisce on the happy memories they had with the deceased to help them feel better when they are feeling down the most. 

3. Journal And Pen

While talking one’s feelings out does definitely help, writing them out into a journal can help the person gain so much more inner perspective on why they are feeling the way they are. When they are ready to go back and reflect on what happened early in the grieving process when they are further along, your grieving loved one can see how far they came in healing from when they first discovered their loved one died. 

4. A Healing Box

Especially if you are considering the gift of a journal and pen for your grieving loved one, consider getting them a decorative box that holds the journal and special mementos of the deceased. The healing box could contain mementos like pictures of the deceased with your grieving loved one as well as items that the deceased used to own like small knick knacks, a favorite piece of jewelry, and the like. 

5. Sympathy Card

Sometimes it’s the thought that counts when you can’t think of something more to give your grieving loved one at this hard time than a sympathy card. If your grieving loved one knows that you are thinking of them through this rough instance, they will appreciate the small gesture of comfort. Going back to the home-cooked meal, you can do something different and place a DoorDash or GrubHub gift card inside of the sympathy card so that they can order their favorite comfort food to help them get by during their grieving. 

6. A Self-Care Gift Basket

The last thing someone grieving wants to do is take care of themselves. They may feel so down that it’s not even possible to achieve self-care. Encourage your grieving loved one to take care of themselves by giving them a self-care gift basket. It could contain their favorite shampoo, conditioner, body wash, aerosol spray, and perfume (or cologne). Ask the person what products they like the most for this application before building the basket so that you are purchasing things they will actually want to use. 

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