The Old Trafford Cricket Ground

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The Old Trafford Cricket Ground is one of the most legendary cricket venues in all across the world. Feel free to visit the betting company site and place wagers on all matches that take place here too.

This place, nestled in Greater Manchester, England, isn’t just another cricket ground; it’s like a grand old theater of dreams for cricket buffs. We’re talking about the home of Lancashire County Cricket Club and a ground that has witnessed some incredible cricket moments. The site of the 1xBet betting company is available for everyone, and it can always be used to place fantastic wagers on English cricket too.

Some of its most important features include:

  • it has a capacity of 26 thousand spectators;
  • it has undergone several renovations over the years;
  • and it is also used for international cricket matches and other shows.

For this reason, the stadium is always maintained at top condition.

Use for Test matches

Old Trafford has also been used for hosting plenty of Test matches, and they can be wagered by visiting too. In fact, more than 130 of them have been played over there as of 2023.

Back in 1956, Old Trafford saw one of the most legendary Test performances ever. Here there was none other than Jim Laker playing for Australia against England. He made the English suffer by taking a staggering 19 wickets during a Test match. This is a record that stands to this day. Of course, if you want to wager on Test matches, then the 1xBet website is the platform that you need.

Use in other kinds of events

Old Trafford has also seen plenty of ODI matches too. It has been part of World Cup history several times, including the epic 2019 edition. For example, the incredible semi-final of the 1999 competition between Australia and South Africa was played at this legendary facility. Bettors can check best bet list on 1xBet, which also includes all kinds of cricket matches too.

T20s are also highly popular at Old Trafford. Plenty of matches of many tournaments of this exciting variation of the sport have been held here.

It is also worth noting that Old Trafford has also been used for plenty of other events, including concerts and other kinds of major events.

An interesting fact related to cricket in this venue is that the Duckworth-Lewis method, which is the tool used to determine the outcome of rainy matches, was used for the first time in 1997 at Old Trafford. For all those reasons, checking the bet list on 1xBet will allow you to find the best wagers on cricket, even those that take place at this legendary venue.

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