How difficult is it to predict cricket on 1xBet?

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No professional bettor or just a user who constantly makes sports predictions will say that it is easy to do it. Even if you apply analytics to each individual match, carefully read the predictions of experts, there will still be losses. Predict the outcome of the event with 100% accuracy is impossible, but it is an additional interest. As an example of betting in cricket through, you can see that each guessed result is always a combination of knowledge and luck. You get a nice cash bonus for this. 

Cricket is considered a local sport and is predominantly found in the former British colonies. The community of cricket fans and lovers is concentrated in only a few regions. For an outside bettor, it brings some inconveniences, especially if he is not physically located in India or another country. We are talking about the fact that it is not always possible to find a quality broadcast for a cricket match. And there can also be problems in finding certain information before the match. In soccer, there are no such difficulties, as the information is available in different formats – text analytics, video predictions, infographics.

What should you know before betting on cricket via 1xBet?

If you want to try your hand at cricket, but you have never bet before, first make a profile. You can use the full version of the site via your computer browser or install the 1xBet branded app on your phone beforehand. You can do it directly through the store or download a separate file if you own an Android phone. Having a verified profile, you will be able to log in to any platform and start exploring the market.

There is a section with predictions in prematch. You choose cricket, the desired league, match and view the offered odds. Your goal should be not just to win in one particular bet, but to grow your bank after a series of predictions. That’s why it makes sense to choose medium-sized odds, from 1.6 and up. Although you can play solely for your mood and just to get more thrill while watching matches. 

The cricket section has the following lines, which work in the same way as on other team sports:

  1. Winner determination. And if you are taking first level cricket, you can bet your money on a draw.
  2. Double chance betting where the odds are reduced, but you get your money when the said team wins or splits the points.
  3. There is a handicap, i.e., a predetermined margin of points. It makes sense to choose such bets in matches with a clear favorite, as otherwise the odds on a regular win will be minimal.
  4. Statistics of the match or individual players. Everything should be clear for you here too. It is about trying to guess the number of points scored by the team or in total or about the performance of the players.

You also need to study the statistics of previous meetings in cricket, look at the stadium where the match will take place and the condition of the lawn. This sport has a certain peculiarity. Some advantage is determined even at the stage of the preliminary draw. Experts with experience note that the team attacking 1st in a test match often gets an advantage. It is due to both the quality of the balls and the quality of the pitch. However, it does not guarantee anything, so when choosing a cricket bet via 1xBet, you should not rely only on the draw factor.

Try to analyze all information comprehensively and if possible, take predictions where a return is allowed with odds of 1. Especially if you prefer to form long expresses with the desire to get a large final odd. It is enough to add 4-5 separate bets, as each increase makes the path to success much more difficult.

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