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The basic functionality of aviatrix game does not differ from other popular crash category games. To win, the user only needs to place bets and withdraw winnings before the airplane crashes. To make contributions and payouts helps the control panel. Automatic and double betting modes are also available here, but they are also familiar to fans of crash entertainment.  The features of Aviatrix lie in the bonus program, which is available to every player who plays for real money. Visitors to the casino are used to the fact that incentives are accrued to participants only by the operator of the institution. However, the developer of the software in question also decided to please its gamblers with monetary rewards. Let’s understand in detail in the review, what is hidden behind the additional functionality of the slot machine.

Aviatrix Features Overview

The main control panel of the sweepstakes allows you to deposit and withdraw bets during the game round. If desired, Aviatrix players can fully automate the game process – choose the amount of the deposit, specify the payout coefficient and the number of rounds. After switching to automatic mode, the computer will independently conduct the game according to the preset settings. In the rounds can be involved in two bets at once, if the user is ready for greater risks or this is required by the chosen strategy.

  • Round History. At the top, the maximum multipliers reached by the airplane in the last few launches are displayed. The information is updated in real time and can be useful for players to choose their betting strategy.
  • Player Bets. In the menu on the left, under the “Participants” tab, the participants of the current round are displayed. Detailed information on the amount of contribution, the moment of exit and the final winnings is available.
  • Personal statistics. In the “My bets” block you can track how successful the player’s bets are. Winning and losing rounds for the whole time of the game are separately highlighted.
  • Player Rating. The “Rewards” tab is dedicated to the users who have shown the best results for the whole time. The top includes participants with the most accumulated experience. In the list you can also see what the maximum coefficient fixed the player. 
  • Among other things, there are separate customization items. Here the user can go to the market, the list of leaders, instructions for the game, check the honesty of generation.

Special Features of Aviatrix

Aviatrix features do not end with the listed sections. Now let’s move on to the most interesting part – the internal loyalty program. First of all, you should click on the “Build” button in the top corner. This is a brand new option that hasn’t been seen in other crash games. At first glance, the window that appears allows you to simply create your unique airplane, but in fact it is an invitation to the bonus system.

Immediately after creating a personal airplane, more options will open up. The player may notice changes in the interface:

Status Tracking. A new icon “Level” will appear in the upper corner, allowing you to go to check your own progress in the system. The user can accumulate experience and increase their level. With the transition to a new status it will be possible to improve your liner – change the model. 

Tournament participation. In the menu on the left, along with statistics, information about the possibility of participating in a tournament race with other players will appear. The tournament is launched daily. As part of the tournament, a cash prize is drawn, which can later be withdrawn to a personal account. 

These are two key features that deserve special attention from newcomers. It is also useful for more advanced players to know that the created airplane becomes NFT. As the project improves, its value on the market increases.

Loyalty System

We have mentioned the bonus functionality only in passing, let’s consider it in detail. There are eight levels in the loyalty program. To get a new status, you need to accumulate a certain number of experience points. Points are awarded for each bet – regardless of whether it turned out to be a losing or winning bet. The user will see how the circle of progress gradually fills up.

Moving to a new level opens access to an alternative model of the airplane with better characteristics and more attractive design. The quality of the airliner itself does not affect the outcome of bets – participants are still in equal conditions regardless of status. Each win is determined by the player’s luck and reaction. However, the best airplanes are more highly rated as NFTs. 

One user can create multiple airplanes. Beginners should start with one – it is not easy to pump two or more projects at the same time.

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