Cybersecurity: What Is It And What Is Its Importance?

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More and more companies handle important information and store their data on servers and online. The increase in cyberattacks makes it necessary to have protection systems that guarantee the security of all the company’s data and information, and all can be done smoothly with the help of cybersecurity services for government

Many times the advantages of having cybersecurity systems in companies or in government are not known and that is why they are not used. This is a serious mistake since we leave a large amount of confidential and private data and information exposed to possible attacks.

What is Cybersecurity?

Its function is to protect computers, mobile devices, servers, electronic systems, networks and data from threats and malicious attacks. The best way to have all your company’s information and data protected is through cybersecurity services.

Computer fraud increases every year, entailing great costs for companies or for government. Current regulations, such as data protection or the obligation to notify in the event of a security breach, are designed to ensure the security and protection of data. Even so, it is important to have additional protection systems that can guarantee the security of companies, data and clients.

Why Cybersecurity Is Important For Your Company

Most companies are immersed in digital transformation, which has been so necessary in this Covid 19 pandemic. In a time when we all share the same communication and information transport channel, the Internet, cybercriminals have it easier when carrying out attacks or finding data that may be of interest. It is essential to protect companies, their data, systems and customers. To do this, adequate security systems must be implemented and available.

The main reason for companies to invest in cybersecurity is as a preventive measure to protect their data and systems. But also to be able to have the necessary tools to be able to cope and react appropriately in the event of an attack. The main reasons why it is important to invest in cybersecurity are:

  • The preservation of intellectual property data and ideas.
  • Authenticate the availability of your services, without interruptions.
  • Protect access to information.
  • Protect the operation of the systems.
  • It improves competitiveness in the market and prepares us for the changes of digital transformation.
  • Protect data from possible manipulations.
  • Development of new business models.
  • Prevent them from impersonating or taking control of the company’s data and systems.
  • Prevent the theft of information, data, images, etc.
  • Ensures the digitalization of processes and their shielding.
  • Protect personal devices.

In addition to the need to invest in cybersecurity, there are good practices that all members of the company need to know and assume to guarantee the greatest security and protection of the company’s data.

  • Use strong passwords and do not share them in applications or services.
  • Check the connection of all social networks and applications, avoiding accepting strangers in your network of contacts.
  • Take care of what you publish on the Internet; always make sure it is from reliable sources and safe browsing.
  • Install security plugins in the browser.
  • Use private browsing when necessary.
  • Purchases made online are always on trusted websites that have a valid digital certificate.
  • Protect your WIFI network properly.
  • Do not forward chains, not everything that is published online is reliable.
  • Check your browser’s security options.

At Proven Data we help you with Cybersecurity

At Proven Data, we offer a comprehensive solution framed within the 5 functions defined in the Cyber Security Framework developed by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA). With the aim of providing companies and organizations with methods to adequately protect their assets against cyber-attacks. Thus covering the most relevant aspects of the current threat environment. How do we do it?

We identify

We analyze the operation of the company’s IT infrastructure and prepare cybersecurity to minimize risks to systems, people, assets, data, information and capabilities. We understand and measure possible operational risks.

We protect

We develop and implement appropriate safeguards to ensure security and reduce the attack surface. This way we ensure the availability, integrity, confidentiality, auditability and performance of critical IT services.

We detect

We are responsible for developing and implementing appropriate tools to identify the nature and scope of cyber attacks carried out on the entity, organization or company.

We respond

In addition to identifying, protecting and detecting, we implement the relevant measures to efficiently mitigate possible cybersecurity incidents in the company.

We recover

Finally, we develop appropriate action plans to recover from a cyber-attack and restore any affected capabilities, systems or services.

If you still do not have the appropriate measures to guarantee the security of your company, at Proven Data we provide solutions to your company’s and cybersecurity problems. As well as we provide cybersecurity services for government. Contact us through our website or social networks (Twitter and Linkedin) and we will advise you on everything you need.

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