Injuries Caused In A Bicycle Accident

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Getting involved in a bicycle accident can cause severe injuries, and you have to counter its aftermath, which can be challenging. When it comes to a bicycle accident, seeking assistance from the experts of Sullivan & Galleshaw becomes important. However, you need to know About the injuries you can get from a bicycle accident so that you can get some proper treatment.

  1. Head injuries

When it comes to accidents, bicycle accidents make you the most vulnerable person and can cause head injuries. Even if you have worn a helmet, it will still have an impact on you. Head injuries include skull concussions and traumatic brain injuries, too. Head injuries can be short-term, like headaches and dizziness, and also some long-term impairments, which can lead to permanent disability. Therefore, wear a helmet while riding a bicycle.

  1. Fractures and broken bones

In a bicycle accident, where you are the most vulnerable, you can easily get orthopedic injuries like broken bones, fractures, dislocation, and sprain in your wrist and ankle. Broken bones can take you two months to fully recover. However, it will limit your physical activities and mobility. Therefore, always wear guards while riding a bicycle.

  1. Facial injuries

When you are struck by a vehicle while riding a bicycle, there is a high chance that you may bump your face into the at-fault driver’s vehicle, which can result in many facial injuries. This may also include: 

  • A broken nose will give you a lot of pain and can make you lose the ability to smell.
  • A broken jaw can take some weeks to recover, and till then, you can only consume liquids.
  • A broken tooth will affect you financially, and you will have to bear the pain it tags along.
  1. Internal injuries

In a bicycle accident, blunt force trauma from the collision between the vehicles can lead to internal injuries. Internal injuries will not be visible, though. However, they can be from your lungs, liver, kidneys, or other organ bleeding. An imaging machine will examine you, and then your doctors will treat you according to your injury. In many cases, the cyclist gets their lungs punctured.

  1. Soft tissue injuries

Sometimes, during the collision, you use your hands or legs to slow down the fall. More likely, you injure your soft tissues like ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Soft tissue injuries take months to recover, which can restrict you from your physical activities.

  1. Emotional trauma

Accidents are disturbing. It will affect your mental health, and you will end up having a phobia of riding a bicycle. In addition, witnessing any other collisions may trigger your past trauma. If you get involved in a bicycle accident and injure yourself, contact your family doctor immediately.

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