Explaining some variations of basketball

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Basketball is a sport with plenty of great variations. There is betting login available on 1xbet.co.ke, and here you can also place wagers on great basketball matches too. These variations include the classic one to more unconventional kinds. All of them have the same vertigo and excitement.

Let’s start with the traditional 5-on-5 variation. Some of its most important features include:

  • there are 2 teams of 5 players each;
  • they play in a full-sized court;
  • there is rhythm, strategy, and lots of skills as well.

The betting available on 1xBet can be used after deciding to login, and here you will find the NBA and other major basketball competitions too.

3-on-3 and streetball

Another variation of the sport that has been gaining a lot of momentum over the years is 3-on-3. As the name suggests, it is played with 3 players per side rather than 5. Also, it is played in half the space of a regular court. The 1xbet.co.ke/mobile website also has great wagering chances to wager on matches from this variation of the sport too. Here points are scored very quickly, and the first team to get 21 points wins.

Streetball is another great variation of basketball. This is like a more freestyle version, where the rules are much more relaxed and there are no referees. At 1xBet there is a fully-fledged basketball section that everybody can visit, and here it is also possible to wager on dozens of matches.

The idea is that players can show off their magnificent skill moves with virtually no limitations, meaning that ability matters more than the final score.

Other great variations

HORSE is another fun variation of basketball. Punters can find 1xBet live basketball to wager on plenty of different events of the sport. This is also about showing off rather than scores. Here players take their shots and a rival will try to match them. If a player misses a shot, he will get a letter, starting with H. If players get all five letters of the word HORSE they lose.

Wheelchair basketball is an inspiring variation of the sport. It is aimed at players with disabilities, but who play with the same ferocity as in the traditional sport. The rules are similar to 5-on-5 basketball. However, players must dribble after no more than 2 pushes of their wheelchair. To do all of this in a coordinated manner requires some huge skills. For this reason, it is a Paralympic sport too. When finding live basketball at 1xBet, you will also discover chances to wager on this variation too.


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