Essential Guide of Diablo 4 Season of the Construct

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The world’s best action role-playing dungeon crawler game, Diablo IV, is getting revamped with the all-new Season of the Construct making headlines in the gaming sphere! It is set to bring out a new Dungeon type along with a new companion, QoL features, Weekly Leaderboards, and a lot more!

The season has been active since January 23rd, 2024, and is set to conclude on April 16, 2024, where this is the perfect opportunity to use your Diablo 4 Gold to catch up to the latest season. With that being said, let us now continue with the details of the current season.

The Questline/Story

Diablo 4’s current roadmap has four limited-time seasons planned and the Season of the Construct is the third season in this roadmap, which offers a unique and brand new storyline for players all around the world to experience. Your customized character, ranging from 5 classes, Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorcerer, will travel through the Vaults deep beneath the sands of Kehjistan to stop the malicious demon, Melphas, from corrupting the Loom, an ancient artifact of technology created by Zoltun Kulle and Ayuzhan which is capable of many great things.

Your base of operations will be Gatehall, a town centre located underneath Kehjistan, where your character will face off against the hordes of Constructs. To access this questline, it is important to remember that you need to have finished the main campaign and create a new character on the Seasonal Realm and use the Skip Main Campaign feature once the prologue has been completed.

New Companion

Another addition to this Season of the Construct of Diablo IV is the ability to acquire a new companion known as a Senschal Companion that becomes available once you have initiated your Seasonal Questline. This versatile companion can engage in the frontlines with you or help with the sidelines – the choice ultimately rests upon your shoulders.

To improve or augment your Senschal Companion according to your build, you can use magical Governing and Turning Stones that you can recover from Vaults (or elsewhere in the Sanctuary). If you are confused about the mechanics the Governing and Turning Stones add to the gameplay, it is pretty simple. 

The former decides which attacks your Seneschal can perform, whereas the latter augments those attacks and allows for greater build variety and finetuning. Up to 2 Governing Stones and 6 Turning Stones can be equipped to your companion at once, with 1 Governing Stone for each attack and 3 Turning Stones for the said attack. Time to put those Duriel Tickets to good use if you want to make it to the top.

Vaults – new Dungeon Type

These vaults are the newly specialized dungeon type that harbors various dangers your player character will have to face, most notably the new enemy types which go by the name of The Constructs, mechanical beings coming in several elements that will surely keep you on your guard.

Once you have converted the required Pearls of Warding and entered the Vault, you will be blessed with Zoltun’s Warding, a blessing granting you access to riches present within the Vaults. Further information can be found on their main website.

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