Chandigarh & Food- A Match Made In heaven!

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Chandigarh – a union territory that is the capital of not one but two states. It is a unique city with unique architecture, lush greenery, and delicious cuisine. The capital of both Punjab and Haryana, this beautiful city houses a diverse population from different cultures. The major languages spoken in the city are Hindi and Punjabi but with the rise in cosmopolitan culture in the city people from various backgrounds are living there. The planned architecture, balanced weather, educational institutes, rising work opportunities, and the cosmopolitan lifestyle attract people from all over India to live in this city. 

Food in Chandigarh is yet another story, from quintessential Punjabi cuisine to international food the city has a lot to offer. The best restaurants in Chandigarh are not only the ones with fine dining or simply the ones that have Punjabi food to offer, there are simply so many options available in all categories. From street food to fine dining, North Indian to South Indian, continental to Mexican this city has it all. No matter which food you are craving, you can find it in Chandigarh and now with so many options to order food online, you can easily fulfill your cravings without having to step out of your house. 

What Type Of Food One Can Find In The Best Restaurants In Chandigarh? 

Punjab is famous for its food, so how can its capital city not excel in food? Some famous cuisines that you can find in the gorgeous city of Chandigarh are as follows: 

Street Food:

I know, I know, street food is not a cuisine, but how can one miss street food when discussing Indian cities? The streets of Chandigarh are full of small stalls that sell delicious snacks for munching. You can find chat, chole bhature, gol gappe, aloo tikki and so much more on the streets of Chandigarh. Even the best restaurants in Chandigarh cannot beat the food sold by these small and vibrant street food stalls. Also, with the rise in digitization many street food vendors are listed on food ordering platforms making it so easy to enjoy street food without going to the streets.

North Indian Cuisine:

Chandigarh is the heart of North India and it does not disappoint when it comes to North Indian cuisine. From Punjabi to Himachali to Mughlai cuisine this city has it all. Some commonly found dishes all over the city are kebabs, biryani, Rajma-chawal, Naan & Kulcha etc. All these dishes are commonly available in budget-friendly restaurants and fine dining restaurants too due to the high demand. 

Fast Food:

 Fast food chains are also a big part of the food landscape of Chandigarh. The youth of Chandigarh is the major consumer of fast food and even the best restaurants in Chandigarh are now offering high-quality fast food to attract the young population of this city. Some common fast food dishes that are popular are burgers, pizzas, and fried chicken.

South Indian Food:

 Gone are the days when North India was only known for serving good quality North Indian food. With the rising diversity in the population of Chandigarh, the Best restaurants in Chandigarh have now started offering high-quality South Indian cuisine for the people. Some popular South Indian food dishes are Idli-Sambhar, Masala Dosa, Vada Sambhar, and a lot more. 

Fine Dining:

 How can we forget fine dining when talking about the best restaurants in Chandigarh? The city has many fine dining restaurants offering gourmet experiences which have beautifully curated menus from the best chefs in the city. With the rising options of ordering food online, now you can have a fine dining experience from the comfort of your home. 


Sweet cravings are the guilty pleasure of so many people and there is no city in India that fails to fulfil your sweet craving. Chandigarh is no different! From sweet shops to gourmet bakeries, this city has it all. There are also many ice cream parlours that you can visit in summer for a refreshing treat. 

International Cuisine:

 The best restaurants in Chandigarh are offering international cuisine to cater to the growing demands of the people. Authentic Mexican, Italian, and Chinese cuisine is widely popular in this union territory and the restaurants do not disappoint. So many people are now appreciating international cuisines in their authentic sense and they are no longer something that is only available in fine dining restaurants. 

Punjabi Cuisine: 

The capital of Punjab leaves no stone unturned when it comes to Punjabi cuisine. The rich flavours, delightful aroma, and generous topping of ghee are the various statements a meal of Punjabi food makes even before entering someone’s mouth. Some popular Punjabi dishes are paneer tikka, dal makhani, butter chicken, naan, parathas and so much more. 

Continental Breakfast: 

The best restaurants in Chandigarh are famous for serving continental breakfast dishes to make your morning a good morning. The common continental breakfast options include sandwiches, coffee, and croissants.The city has an old-world charm to it but it has all the modern-day cuisines to offer making it a great example of balance in heritage and vogue. 


It is no secret that we cannot live without food, but it is not just for survival. Food is a complete experience- whether it is the presentation, the aroma, or the taste everything matters. Punjab and Punjabi people have always been famous for food and Chandigarh is no different. This entire experience can now come to your home with online ordering platforms like Swiggy. Now it has become very easy to order food online from street food to gourmet food from the best restaurants in Chandigarh. Order your meal now and take care of all your sweet (& savory) cravings.  

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