America’s Top 5 Most Watched Christmas Movies

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By the time I am done writing this article for you, there will be exactly 55 days left for Christmas Eve (Dunno when you are going to see it published, up to the webmasters).

By the end of 54 days, you might be buckling up to cherish the best time of the year with your loved ones with homemade cookies, a trimmed Christmas tree, cute little presents for your kids, and more.

The more part might include getting cozy under your soft furry blanket while watching America’s most favorite Christmas movies. If you dig down to find the best one, you might end up getting puzzled by a mountain of choices. 

So, snuggle up and let the hassle of pondering slip right through your bed or sofa with these top 5 Christmas movies. A plus point: you won’t go wrong with any of them. 

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Let’s dive right into the movies with their brief overviews (don’t worry, I ain’t giving spoilers here).

Frosty the Snowman

A classic animated fantasy from 1969 Frosty the Snowman is one of the most-watched American short.

The storyline revolves around a group of children led by a girl named Karen. She builds a snowman and places a magical hat on his head that gives life to the snowman named Frosty. The group notices that the high temperature will probably end Frosty’s life so they decide to move to the North Pole. 

The American short was produced by Rankin/Bass Productions in 1969 and has been famous among the kids in United States. You can watch it on YouTube with your children, they’d most likely love it and may build a Frosty of their own with the snow in the backyard.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Another classic stop-motion animated television special that was aired in 1964 for the first time. 

Produced by Videocraft International, Ltd. later changed to Rankin/Bass Production, is termed one of the best Christmas movies ever made. 

In the movie, Rudolph is the lead reindeer of the Santa Donner. Rudolph’s born with a glowing red nose that worries Donner because he thinks that Rudolph will be a misfit among other reindeer. So, he tries to cover the nose with a fake one that will later fall off making a mockery of him among other Reindeer.

The story depicts the struggle of Rudolph in a beautiful way that will likely catch the attention of elders and kids altogether.

A Christmas Story

Directed by Bob Clark, and released in 1983, A Christmas Story is an American Christmas Comedy movie based on the book In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash by Jean Shepherd.

This one, like others I mentioned, is one of the highest-grossed Christmas movies in the States. 

Ralphie Parker narrates the movie as a 9-year-old boy who wants a Christmas gift that is totally not for his age-a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle. He presents his desires to his mother, teacher, and Santa Claus at a departmental store only to be rejected by all of them with the same warning statement, “You’ll shoot your eye out”.

Anyway, the movie is the one to be watched this holiday season.

Last Christmas

A 2019 romantic comedy film directed by Paul Feig is named after a song Last Christmas.

The lead role is played by Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding as Katarina and Tom respectively. Katarina has a job that she doesn’t like or I should say hate-an elf at a Christmas shop in Central London. The owner of the shop calls her “Santa”. At her work, she sees a man named Tom who is gazing upward, and then Tom initiates a conversation. 

Kate (aka Katarina) sees Tom again after an audition and goes for a walk with him. She gets intrigued by the unique observation he made of London. 

It’s one of the easy choices to go for.

Home Alone

Released in 1990, Home Alone is considered to be the greatest Christmas movie of all time, and not to forget, it’s the most-watched Christmas movie in the US. 

Home Alone directed by Chris Columbus falls under the genre of Christmas comedy. A child actor, Macaulay Culkin became a star after the release of the movie. 

He plays the character of a child named Kevin. In an abrupt power outage, the alarm clock and all the other devices get switched off, leaving them sleeping and missing their flight by a short time. Kevin’s family in a hurry, left Kevin behind at home. His mother realizes in the middle of the flight that Kevin isn’t there with them (how bad is that).

Kevin overhears Harry and Marv who want to break and steal from Kevin’s home. Kevin in the movie ridicules them with his clever tricks.

The movie is really fun to watch with the family and you’ll enjoy it to bits.

Summing Up

For sure, Christmas is the loveliest time of the year with the snow falling and turning everything white in most of the regions in the US. While you can’t really have fun for long outside, you can be all set with a set of binge-watchable Christmas movies. So, prep up with this list of your time-worthy Christmas movies.

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