5 practical pointers for choosing an auto accident lawyer in NJ

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The aftermath of a car crash in New Jersey can be scary and intimidating. If the other driver was drunk, speeding, or anyway responsible for the accident, you have to act on priority to file a claim for damages. NJ is a fault state, and while the laws are meant to help injured drivers and passengers, there are inherent hurdles along the way. Top firms like Bruce Law, LLC have capable & experienced lawyers who can guide you through every step. If you are confused about choosing an attorney, here are five practical pointers.  

  • Never wait for weeks: The time after an accident is the most crucial. If you don’t immediately start gathering pieces of evidence and locating witnesses, the whole process of discovery can go for a loss. Hiring an attorney is certainly critical, but what matters just as much is getting legal assistance as soon as possible.
  • Go for that free consultation: Fortunately, injury lawyers in NJ usually offer free consultations, and even if you aren’t sure whether you want to get help, schedule that meeting. The first session is all about discussing whether the case has merit, what you may get in compensation, and other factors that may affect your claim.
  • Look for details online: Law firms have websites to find out more about their attorneys and what they do. Besides the initial background check, it is also critical that you look at ratings and feedback on the web. Consider independent reviews that can help compare options.
  • Ask about trials: Most car accident claims are settled between parties through negotiation. While litigation is expensive, it might be the only choice for many victims. Ensure you find an attorney who is capable of representing you in court and wouldn’t mind going the hard way.
  • Discuss the strategy: Before you choose an attorney, always check their approach and attitude. You have to figure out whether they are clear about their strategies, how they would negotiate with the insurance adjuster, and whether you can contact them for updates. Communication is the most pertinent aspect of an attorney-client equation.

Finally, always ask about their fee and additional expenses that are your responsibility. Car accident lawyers work on contingency; you will only pay their fee if you recover money. Nevertheless, always know the percentage, which could vary depending on several factors but shouldn’t exceed 50%. Your lawyer will share details if you decide to engage them.


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