3D Online Games In Singapore: Selected By Experts

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Once, a fellow gambler asked his opponent what 3D casino games were. Although he might not be the only person to wonder about the answer to it, Fortunately, Maxim88 has conversed about the concept clearly by providing something like life-like 3D online casino games. It has set up a 3D games lobby, where each game is infused with primitive designs, advanced graphics engulfed with the newest innovations, and impressive audio effects.

How have they been able to equip so many ingredients in these games? Maxim88 Singapore online casino has cleverly inputted a trick by partnering with a top-tier provider capable of producing 3D games. Kingmaker is the exclusive partner of Maxim88, offering its customers an array of 3D games.

List of 3D Casino Games Functional at Maxim88 Singapore

Maxim88 has a separate lobby for 3D games only. Most of the games are offered by Kingmaker, with whom they have partnered. Click one of them and start gambling now.

  1. MineSweeper: The RTP rate is 98% with medium volatility
  2. Marble KnockOut: Good for high rollers
  3. Xoc Dia: A new version of table game
  4. Dragon Tiger2: A twist to the traditional dice game
  5. Fish Prawn Crab 2 Card: Simple Gameplay with an RTP rate of 97%

MineSweeper by BG Gaming

As the name suggests, sweep the floor with obstacles and clear your way to the high prizes. This is the intention of the gameplay, so choose the right squares and clear your way by eloping the hindrances to the board to win huge cash prizes by choosing this Minesweeper available at Maxim88. The principle is the same – avoid the bombs amidst the vast gaming grid, and don’t get blown up! If you succeed, get an instant prize and increase the value of your wins. Proceed to the next line on the game grid.

If you proceed, the multiplier will increase if you make it safely to the next line. Adjust the grid size according to your need – 2×3, 4×9, and 5×12. The side indicates the value of the multiplier that is a maximum of 15x, which signifies how long you can sustain in the same grid as opposite players are cashing you out. The minimum bet is 1.00, 10.00, 25:00 and 100.00. Decide the grid size, which is 2×3, 5×12, or 6×15, before entering the playground. The RTP value is 97% to 98%, with high volatility.

Marble KnockOut by KingMaker

A newly released game in 2023 has led an adrenaline rush to the gamblers stuck into the thrilling experience that the game disperses- the ultimate race of survival! The developer classifies the game among 4 teams, having 16 marbles in their hands, steering a dangerous course, and confronting unexpected obstacles.

Your task will be to pick marbles and make predictions according to them to make the epic marble showdown interesting. The 2x Bonus feature excites the gaming payouts, and you can also unlock rewards up to 10x their initial wager!

In a high-stakes environment, each marble roll holds the key to your triumphant race to victory. But that’s not the end– Marble Knockout has many surprises left. It offers 20 different betting options penetrated by a 98% RTP rate and medium volatility rate!

Xoc Dia by KingMaker

Can a 3D casino game give a huge payout? Of course, try the latest Xoc Dia casino game released in 2023. Kingmaker has easy navigation, quick gameplay, and 3D effects. Gamblers have enjoyed this game a lot. It is infused with modern style with traditional, classic gameplay for stress relief. The maximum win of the game is 2000x of your single stake. Commence the game by placing bets at the table.

Next, the house will stun you with red and white buttons inside the bowl. The color of the four buttons in the disc determines the result of the player. The dealer shakes the bowl containing red and white buttons. The payoffs with odds are also crazy to understand: four, three, and one red button give 1:12, 1:2.6, and 1:2.6, respectively.

So, remember, do not infringe on hasty or nasty things while playing the game. Make transactions at Maxim88 via e-wallets and cryptocurrencies to sustain the gambling venture.

Dragon Tiger2 by KingMaker

Did you observe what this violent Kingmaker developer has made? It has created a sequel, Dragon Tiger 2 by Kingmaker, which has led Dragon Tiger games to new heights. This sequel was added to the Maxim88 3D games list. The concept is given in a broader way where various betting options are included with several features and a high winning prize of 50000x of your stake.

The dealer presents two cards in each round: place bets by predicting the card value, and the result is manifested based on the dominant force between the two cards: the mythical Dragon and the mighty Tiger. Utilize the lightning 2x bonus, which is the most significant one.

You can also multiply your winnings by 20 times your original bet. Dragon Tiger 2 by Kingmaker is ideal for players who like good gameplay animations and graphics and love the fast-paced nature of card games with some unique twists.

Fish Prawn Crab 2 by Kingmaker

Kingmaker brings a new game reminiscent of a delightful twist on traditional dice games- Fish Prawn Crab 2. The game has an amazing design,  with an array of betting choices, each tailored with unique function and accessibility. The game’s objective is simple: predict on simple three dice on the combination that appears with six unique symbols rolled under the bowl.

Its multiplayer gaming functionality adds excitement; share the game table with your friends. Another feature that attracts many players to roll the dice is its 2x bonus feature. This feature provides the opportunity to win rewards up to a staggering 300 times their bet. Note that it has a 97% RTP rate with a medium volatility rate, so be prepared to register at Maxim88 now.


Are you obsessed with gambling? If yes, then include 3D games in your list. Maxim88 presents the most adventurous 3D games in their gaming lobby, where playing the game and getting high rewards is a little risky. So, polish your skills to enter the game of risk and fun by registering yourself at maxim88 SG casino.

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