10 Best PhD International Education Programs in the UK 2024

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Have you completed your master’s, published your papers, and are looking for PhD international education programs? Every student’s dream is to learn the coursework and continue research in the field they are passionate about. 

They are keen on undertaking research, highlighting the problem and working to find its appropriate solutions. The layout will contribute valuables in the existing literature, spot the study gaps and suggest better aspects for future study.  

So, a remarkable percentage joined the workplace with the intention of addressing evolving issues. This highlights the importance and passion of students in the pathway and how ambitious they are to make every effort to implement it. That is why they have various concerns regarding this.

One of the such concerns is looking for the universities that offer PhD programs in their relevant field. Another concern is university ranking. They look for the best options for coursework studies that can assist later in providing proper infrastructure for research activities. This is why the below-mentioned guide can make the task easier for you.

Furthermore, after enrollment, think of performing well in coursework. The more you learn the theoretical framework, the stronger base you can develop for research. However, if you think writing coursework can shake your decorum of excellence, you can consider coursework writing services to maintain your performance. This way, you can align well in both domains: coursework learning and performing research activities. 

What Is PhD International Education Programs?

If you are an international education student and came on this platform to learn about PhD international education programs options in your field, before dwelling into the discussion, let’s first know the program’s core concept. 

According to the University of Sussex, PhD in international education is meant to provide you with essential skills and knowledge in the development and education field that can teach you appropriate methodologies. 

It allows educators to know the role of education in the context of low-income countries such as Africa, Asia, and other developing countries. It offers various formal and non-formal courses, such as education on children and adults at primary and secondary levels. 

Students can select from a range of study areas for research, such as, 

  • Education Reform
  • Comparative Education
  • Teacher Quality and Development
  • Institutional Capacity Building
  • Social Theories of Education
  • Project Planning/Management/Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Gender Issues in Development
  • Education in Crisis and Conflict Contexts

What Is Internationalism of Education?

The process of internationalism targets our teaching system, goals, institutions, research activities, etc. It involves the integration of intercultural, international, and global values in the university and higher education. It highlights the relationship between various communities, cultures, behaviours and ideas. 

The concept is helpful in tailoring the needs of individuals and their interest in higher education entities. So, there is no one-size-fits-all model to address the concept. Every country has its standards, culture, institutions, ideas, circumstances and expectations. 

So, the concept is subjective depending upon countries’ articulated rationales, goals and expected outcomes. 

Internationalisation in Education Example

The concept of internationalism is applicable in every sector of the education system. Whether it’s secondary or higher level. For instance, secondary-level students are mostly devoid of intercultural experience. 

To make it possible, there are various on-campus internationalism practices such as developing intercultural research projects, internationalising the curriculum, promoting interactions amongst domestic and international students, and collaborating with local minority groups. 

What Is the Difference Between Globalisation and Internationalisation in Education?

The concepts of internationalism and globalisation are mostly used interchangeably. But there are prominent differences between both practices, such as, 

  • Globalisation is the worldwide flow of ideas, values, knowledge, technology, etc., but internationalism is the integration of global dimensions in the higher education system.
  • Globalisation is the practice of bringing business to new locals. However, internalisation is the way to design a product or service in a way that can expand its values and space in the international marketplace. 
  • Internationalism emphasises solidarity among nations while not compromising with their sovereign character. On the other hand, globalisation will vanish the sovereign expression of nations. 

Top 10 Best PhD International Education Programs in The UK 2024

The United Kingdom is known for its high standard of education, research facilities, and quality assurance to educate national and international students. This is why many of the universities in the UK are ranked in the top 50. Even the world’s most renowned sectors, such as Harvard, Cambridge, Birmingham, and Imperial College of London, are in this United Kingdom.

However, if you are an international education student looking for universities offering PhD international education programs in the UK, the list below is meant for you. Instead of wasting your time browsing every site and finding your department there, just check the below-mentioned universities and know which one best suit your background studies. 

  1. PhD Education at Queen’s University Belfast
  2. PhD Professional Education at the University of Lincoln
  3. PhD Educational Research and Development at the University of Lincoln
  4. PhD Education at the University of Manchester
  5. PhD Education at The University of Nottingham
  6. Educational Research Independent Study PhD at Lancaster University 
  7. PhD In Education at The University of Cambridge
  8. PhD Education at Sheffield University
  9. PhD Education at the University of Huddersfield
  10. PhD Education at the University of Birmingham

However, continue reading to learn the latest updates on these programs for the 2024 intake. This way, you can save time and spend it preparing supporting documents for your application. 

1. PhD Education at Queen’s University Belfast

The PhD in international education at Queen’s University Belfast offers a dynamic research environment where you can study with international students from 25 countries. It is the best university for PhD international education programs in the UK 2024. 

There is a lively community of 200 full-time and part-time researchers that prioritise exchanging ideas and innovations. The institution’s key theme in its research sectors involves, 

  • Health and well-being of children
  • Children, young people and families
  • Crime and Justice
  • Manifesting peace in society 
  • Advancing education and improving outcomes 

This PhD international education programs offer full-time and part-time PhD programs that run for 3-4 years or 6-8 years, respectively. The full-time programs mostly attract enthusiastic students who want to explore research areas in their field. 

However, part-time programs are feasible for students already working and intend to expand their knowledge. The closing dates for part-time students are 31st August every year. Those full-time study students who don’t intend to enrol in any scholarship for PhD funding can apply before 31st August every year. The fee structure for various nationality students is, 

  • For Republic of Ireland (ROI)2: £4,596
  • For Northern Ireland (NI)1: £4,596
  • For England, Scotland or Wales (GB)1: £4,596
  • For Internationals: £18,900
  • For EU Other3: £18,900

2. PhD Professional Education at the University of Lincoln

The PhD international education programs at the University of Lincoln focus on research and professional activities. In this program, there are four core modules, and one is an optional module. 

It is followed up by the thesis stage, where students can conduct fieldwork and data analysis parallel to the existing knowledge and, ultimately, write their thesis. You must compile your findings in a 60,000-word thesis to contribute to the knowledge. 

The call for applications for the 2024 intake is open now. You need a first- or second-class honour degree to enrol here. The overseas students are required to provide additional documentation as proof of their English proficiency. It may be IELTS, with an overall score of 6 and a minimum 5.5 score in each module. 

The fee structure for national students is £4,712, and international students must pay £13,000. However, this international education programs 2024 structure may be part-time or full-time. 

3. PhD Educational Research and Development at the University of Lincoln

The PhD international education programs at the University of Lincoln promote creative thinking and research skills. Students can select the area of their interest and get hands-on experience assistance from supervisors. They can have frequent meetings with their supervisors or attend the training sessions provided by the School of Education and the University’s Doctoral School.

The full-time PhD program is 2-4 years, and part-time takes almost 6 years. The tuition fee for national students is £4,712, and international students are supposed to pay £4,005. The classes for the 2023 intake have been commenced in October. However, the dates for the 2024 intake have not been announced yet. 

Furthermore, you must start preparing documents such as the statement of purpose, English proficiency language test, CV, etc., for applying to PhD international education programs. This way, you can apply after dates are announced and save time in documentation preparation. 

The application process is quite simple to do. But if you want it done by experts, get international education programs service from reputable servers. 

4. PhD Education at the University of Manchester

This institution is worth considering if you are looking for colleges with international education programs. The University of Manchester is known as the powerhouse of research around the globe. It is ranked first in Europe and second globally for environmental and social impact. 

According to the university’s official site, the institution’s position as a powerhouse has been confirmed by REF 2021 (Research Excellence Framework). 

The call for PhD international education programs is open for 2024 entry. The total duration of the degree is 3 years. As an entry requirement, you need, 

  • Three years or an equivalent BS honours degree. 
  • Master’s degree in equivalent subjects 
  • IELTS with a minimum overall score of 7 bands.
  • TOEFL with a minimum overall score of 100

The application deadline is around the corner. You need to submit your complete application by 19 January 2024. If you have secured any university, government or other external funding for your PhD, apply before 30 June 2024. Furthermore, the fee for UK nationals is £6,000, and for international students, it’s £21,500. 

You can apply for various scholarship programs at the University of Manchester. It will allow you to continue your studies regardless of your financial circumstances. A checklist for scholarship PhD international education programs can be given as, 

  • School of Environment, Education and Development Postgraduate Research Studentships 2024 Entry
  • Trudeau Doctoral Scholarships 2024 Entry
  • Commonwealth PhD Scholarships (Least Developed Countries and Fragile States)
  • President’s Doctoral Scholar (PDS) Awards 2024 Entry

5. PhD Education at The University of Nottingham

Researchers at the University of Nottingham are committed to advancing social justice through education. You will be able to accomplish your doctorate study in an interdisciplinary community. 

The institution has 150 years of experience in research, and you will be able to carry out your PhD international education programs research activities under the supervision of two supervisors who share an interest in your field of study. The key areas for educational research activities that can be considered include, 

  • Language education
  • Learning sciences 
  • Migrant Education
  • Literacies practices 

Before submitting an application for your PhD studies of the best international education programs, you need to find a supervisor who is convinced to assist you in your interest. The start date for the 2024 intake is 1st October 2024. So, start your admission process early to secure a doctorate position at this prestigious institution. 

6. Educational Research Independent Study PhD at Lancaster University 

This PhD international education program will provide deeper insight into educational research to become an autonomous researcher. There are three departmental research hubs named, 

  • Centre for Higher Education Research and Evaluation
  • Centre for Social Justice and Wellbeing in Education
  • Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning

The department has been able to attract PhD students for their doctorate studies for almost 25 years. The university’s official site provides some highlights regarding its research excellence frame. 

  • 100% of the research impact was rated excellent, according to REF 2021. 
  • 90% of the research activities were rated world-leading 
  • According to Times Higher Education World Subject Rankings 2023, the department is ranked 51st globally.

If you are interested in PhD international education programs studies, find a supervisor that can align with your area of interest. However, various scholarship programs can assist you, regardless of your financial condition, to fund your studies. 

7. PhD In Education at The University of Cambridge

The research activities at the University of Cambridge are meant to prepare an original thesis that can be valuable to the existing literature. The university especially assists PhD students regarding their supervision needs. There is a set criterion for getting 18 hours of supervision from a supervisor annually. 

However, universities publish the annual “Code of Practices” to assist students further. It provides a checklist of the university’s expectations from supervisors in conducting PhD international education programs. 

You can apply for the program by using the application portal, and your application will be considered complete if, 

  • You attached all the supporting documents with the application on the application portal 
  • If applicable, you have paid the application fee 
  • Your referees have provided your reference to the university

8. PhD Education at Sheffield University

At Sheffield University, you can address various educational topics highlighting global issues. The Sheffield Institute of Education (SIoE) was the highest-ranked post-1992 University in the 2014 REF. 

You can search for your concerned supervisor of PhD international education programs by visiting the university’s official site. The various research areas that can be undertaken for research activities at Sheffield include,

  • Pedagogy and new technologies
  • Education and Disability
  • Language and literacy in education
  • Leadership and management in education
  • Higher education
  • Early years education

9. PhD Education at the University of Huddersfield

This PhD international education program at Huddersfield is eligible for doctorate loan funding. The maximum duration for a PhD is 3 years; you can consider it for both full-time and part-time PhD studies. 

The call for applications for the 2024 intake is open. The deadline for international and scholarship students is 07 June 2024. However, home residents can submit applications before 28 June 2024. 

The best thing is the university has even announced dates for the 2025 intake. So, if you are in the last year of your graduation and intend to enrol in a PhD program for 2025, visit the university’s official site. This way, you can prepare the documents in advance and save them later required for documentation. 

10. PhD Education at the University of Birmingham

The School of Education at the University of Birmingham is known as a centre of excellence. The latest report of REF 2021 ranked the university as 3rd in the UK because of its research excellence. Initially, the department was founded in 1896; later, in 1947, it became a school of education for PhD international education programs. 

The call for applications for the 2024 intake is open now. Furthermore, there are scholarships and student loan opportunities available. The tuition fee for home students is £4,778, and international students have to pay £21,360. You can visit the postgraduate funding database for scholarships and apply for a government loan to get up to £28,673 for your expenses. 


This guide was quite comprehensive to know the highlights of PhD international education programs in UK. Instead of being stressed and not starting your process just because you are afraid of extensive browsing to find relevant courses in universities, consider this guide and apply to the best-suited program. 

However, choosing the best place for you is the first stage. After enrollment, you need to perform well in your coursework. The better you learn your coursework, the better you can perform in the research. To excel in coursework performance, writing it with excellence counts the most. In order not to lose track, you can get coursework writing help online. This way, you can have peace of mind as your coursework will be done in the presence of expert writers.

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